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Yeah we’re still alive kinda.  Tonight we decided to clean out the kitchen. Basically all the food was expired. So we threw a ton out and unplugged the fridge because it was basically empty. Then we took the door off Matt’s closet. And made some Red Thunder artwork. Oh. And we got a cat. Named […]

presidential debate!

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So I get to make posts here now. I sucked Nick’s dick really good for this exclusive access. 528 is going to have an outsider’s perspective.

Yah we got a new cat. His name is Curtis and he is cute. Thats about all that is happening at 528. Oh and Seth sucks.

So this week, I needed to bring the Ford home, but in order to do that, we had to put some gravel on the side of the garage so the neighbors quit bitching about it being parked in the yard. And, it was about 90º here, and we almost died several times.  We went and […]

Yesterday was a real nice day.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the Tracker was muddy.  We decided to get some people over and light some shit on fire.

Partay at the 528!

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Andrew Monk, Seth, Gregg, and Seth’s cousin came over last night.  We basically partied it up like men.

Washing the Cat

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Nick thought it was a good idea to wash the cat today.  Cat enjoyed it.

So today is meant for celebration. I mean, Memorial Day! Come on now. (pictures coming soon)

Painting the garage

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The property inspector people forced us to paint the garage last week, so we did that. Well, Kathy and Lee did most of it. But Matt painted some too, and I scraped the thing for a good hour and a half.

Andrew Monk finally decided to come back into the real world, and visit 528.  We cooked some burgers on the George Foreman, and played with the cat. Watch the video of the cat playing with a laser pointer!!!!!!  

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