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Partay at the 528!

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Andrew Monk, Seth, Gregg, and Seth’s cousin came over last night.  We basically partied it up like men.

Old toilet, we had some great memories. It was always You, Matt, and I. Hanging out here at 528. We were inseparable. We were best friends. Remember when I taped that picture of Yohman to you? Or when you would always leak and refill yourself every 5 minutes? Those were the days. I’ll never forget […]

Washing the Cat

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Nick thought it was a good idea to wash the cat today.  Cat enjoyed it.

Hangin around.

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Seth and Gregg are over. They are sitting on my bed with laptops. I am sitting at my computer. Pat left because he sucks. End of story.

So today is meant for celebration. I mean, Memorial Day! Come on now. (pictures coming soon)

Pulling stumps!

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If you’ve ever been to 528, you’ve seen the ugly stumps in the front of the house. Well we are finally getting new bushes, so the stumps had to come out! After some chopping and alot of pulling by the Tracker, they came out. And then everyone cheered.

Painting the garage

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The property inspector people forced us to paint the garage last week, so we did that. Well, Kathy and Lee did most of it. But Matt painted some too, and I scraped the thing for a good hour and a half.

I know, we haven’t updated in forever. But we’re back. We had a party a week or two ago. I don’t remember, but heres the pics. It’s nice out too! 528 is in bloom. Heres some pics of that too. Oh, and Matt and I both bought Ford’s. I bought an Explorer and Matt bought […]

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