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Saturday’s Brawl

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Ya know, Saturday started as a really relaxed night. Randall decided to invite everyone over for some hangouts, good times, and wholesome fun. Yohman came. My love Gabby showed up. It was nice. Everyone had some drinks, I downed some red bull, and games involving ping pong balls were played. For some reason everyone was […]

Thursdays and the GoGo

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Last night was the best Thursday we’ve had so far. We started our night at the usual thursday hotspot: The Lemon Grove. But last night was special, and for some reason there were actually people there. We made our way through a group of people to the heavy metal show inside. We were pleasantly surprised […]

Randy’s and Waffles

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Micro post. Friday… Randall’s house. Mike showed up, Kevin played with quarters, Dumb and Dumber was on, Hope got lost, Waffle house happened, Adam fell in love, Dani had a taser, and then the employees unplugged the jukebox. Solid.

Voodoo and Downtown

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I saw Spenser Nori last night. Just needed to get that out of the way. So anyway, last night was kinda random. For some reason we went to the Voodoo lounge for the first time ever. I fell in love with some girl that I apparently went to school with for four years. That was […]


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So we have this new tradition on Thursdays where we go to a bunch of random, empty bars and places for a few minutes each. We go in, walk around for a little bit and laugh, then walk out and go to the next one. Then we go to a strip club and finally we […]

Labor day 2011

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Labor Day weekend 2011! Hi. Its been a while. We decided to celebrate labor day with Pittsburgh, 528 parties, and some rock and roll. Friday we hit the mean streets of the ‘burgh with the crew. Randy was in heaven all night. We started at some german place that made Randall smile, then went to […]

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