Halloween is a special time of year at 528 Hazelwood, as it marks the anniversary of when Matt and I moved in to this magical place. This Halloween marked 6 years of 528. We’ve grown up, moved on, and gotten busier, but some things will never change. Like our first  and second Halloweens, I decided to have some of the crew over to hand out candy.

Well, it fucking rained. Seth, Pat, Randall, and Mindy showed up to scare children with me. Even Darrin came over and ate some candy. Seth wore his traditional Zeke the plumber mask and I sported the classic dead Ronald Reagan. Even with the rain we got a solid amount of trick or treaters. More photos after the jump. Happy 6 years!

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xmas dinner party 2011

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Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! So last week or something we had the second annual xmas dinner party. I’m sure all of you 528ers remember last year’s christmas party. This year was a little less dinner and a little more party though. We got fancy this year and ordered a ton of Antone’s catering for the event. As usual there were plenty of sing alongs and rock and roll breakdowns. Yohman came! Kevin didn’t make Amanda take a cab. Smulski ate wedding soup. Merry Jesus.


So last friday we had a good old fashioned 528 metal party. The thing that made it extra special though is the fact that Seth Basista himself was the one who recommended we have it. So Seth, Pat, and I played Bled covers, rock and roll happened, and girls showed up. Haley fell asleep on my bed for the entire party. Kelsey showed up three hours late. Then Kaylee and her friend showed up. We scarred her with epic breakdowns. Then her friend threw up in my bathtub. It was the best night of our lives.

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Zombie weekend

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Last weekend. Nolan’s party, hangouts at randy’s and the ytown zombie crawl downtown. The video will suffice.

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Hope’s bday weekend

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I’m just going to call this Hope’s bday weekend, but really I don’t think I even saw her on Friday when we went out. But whatever. Friday night we ran around. I don’t even remember who I was with actually. Pat was there. Randy had a Bled shirt on. Kevin showed up both nights this weekend! I believe we met up with Dustin and Upham at Giachettas where a mini rave was going on. The hot bartender at Draught House knew my name, then Randy added her on Facebook on my phone. That was smooth. We walked in “Privilege” for ten minutes then walked out. That was Friday.

Saturday was the real celebration. The whole crew met up at the Bobincock residence for hangouts and good times preparation. We then piled 9 deep in the explorer and made our way down to the Old Precinct to party hard. Kevin almost died on the way there because of his drunk driving chauffeur. Vanessa stole our hearts and then smashed them to pieces. Pat and I ran to the Draught House, chugged Red Bull at the convenience store, walked awkwardly through the grove, then ran back into Precinct before anyone missed us. Baby Dock was there and Pat and I were totally creeped out and feeling old. Then we all ate foods.

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Lazy micro blog style. Saturday.. Giachettas was creepy. Rendezvoused with the Gabby crew. Bailed and went to Shotz for the eighth time this week for some reason. I was forced to dance. Llama and Amanda are bff now. Rappers at the Lemon Grove. Waffles at the house of waffles. Twilight Zone kinda night, ya know?

Saturday’s Brawl

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Ya know, Saturday started as a really relaxed night. Randall decided to invite everyone over for some hangouts, good times, and wholesome fun. Yohman came. My love Gabby showed up. It was nice. Everyone had some drinks, I downed some red bull, and games involving ping pong balls were played. For some reason everyone was feeling a bit tired and the night began to wind down early.
Then a friend of ours walked in with a bunch of people we didn’t recognize. Little did we know, these characters take beer pong VERY SERIOUSLY. So i’m all cuddled up watching this movie, when all of the sudden we hear what Dustin describes as ” a dog just fuckin around with a person.” Apparently losing a beer pong match means it’s time to take a swing at Pat as you’re leaving the party. So a big fight erupts, Pat breaks his hand on some people’s faces, big and little Randy both administer jujitsu moves, Kevin runs to protect his GTI, and Dustin tackles someone. It was an interesting night.

Thursdays and the GoGo

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Last night was the best Thursday we’ve had so far. We started our night at the usual thursday hotspot: The Lemon Grove. But last night was special, and for some reason there were actually people there. We made our way through a group of people to the heavy metal show inside. We were pleasantly surprised to see a Paramore style band with a girl singer rocking out.
We then stopped at the Lanai and got thoroughly creeped out by bros. A girl I knew from school was drunkenly making out with one of them. I didn’t say hi.
After refueling with Red Bull and Grandma’s cookies we started our journey to the GoGo as Sarah McCree laid down some smooth tracks on 101.9 FM. We arrived at the buffet amped up on energy drink and R&B, hearts ablaze at the thought of JFK, and with a thirst for Red Fuel. Our BFF Ray was there yelling at strippers, as he often does.
We sipped on Red Fuel as amateur night roared on around us. Strange men with fire in their eyes emptied their pockets toward insatiable desires as we stared in disbelief. Soon it was too much. Mike had already left, his stomach unable to handle the mixture of Red Fuel and guilt. So we retreated to the only place we knew to go… Shotz. We instantly made our way to the patio, sat down, and reflected on what we had just seen.
Soon a lone figure appeared before us. He stood draped in oversized clothing, taking in the energy of the night with each drag of his cigarette. And then it hit us, he was everything our Thursdays stood for. His desires for friendship and companionship mirrored our own, and soon we were empathetic, each and every one of us seeing ourselves in him. He vanished into the crowd soon after, an angel in the shadows, a legend in the night.

Randy’s and Waffles

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Micro post. Friday… Randall’s house. Mike showed up, Kevin played with quarters, Dumb and Dumber was on, Hope got lost, Waffle house happened, Adam fell in love, Dani had a taser, and then the employees unplugged the jukebox. Solid.

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Voodoo and Downtown

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I saw Spenser Nori last night. Just needed to get that out of the way. So anyway, last night was kinda random. For some reason we went to the Voodoo lounge for the first time ever. I fell in love with some girl that I apparently went to school with for four years. That was interesting. Amanda informed us that her lovely sister Gabby and friends wanted to go run around downtown. So we met them all at the Precinct for hangouts. Somehow we also ended up in DT36 dancing to Gucci Gucci and sweating to death. My explorer turned into a mobile mini bar in the parking lot. Kelsey did gross and awful things. We saw Taylar Corey. Gabby and her crew are lightweights. Then Kevin woke up and joined us at Dennys for end of the night foods. Might have been the most fun i’ve had in a month.

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